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  Inward Booking from Geneva to Aosta only 48 Euros HT
Outward Booking from Aosta to Geneva only 48 Euros HT
Return Booking to/from Geneva and back again only 48 Euros HT each way
Group Transfers 9+
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For all other enquiries: info@chamexpress.com

Dear Aostaexpress customer,

During the winter and summer seasons my seven airport transfer brands:
www.Aostaexpress.com, (Geneva Airport to Courmayeur & La Thuile)
www.Chamexpress.com (Geneva Airport to Chamonix, Argentiere & Les Houches)
www.Morzexpress.com (Geneva Airport to Morzine, Avoriaz & Les Gets)
www.Megevexpress.com (Geneva Airport to Megeve, Saint Gervais & Les Contamines)
www.Cannesexpress.com (Nice Airport to Cannes)
www.MyHotelexpress.com (London-Heathrow Airport to Central London Hotels)
www.MyHotelexpress.com (Charles-de-Gaulle Airport to Central Paris Hotels)
...carry thousands of passengers door-2-door between Airports and their holiday resort and city accommodation.

Helping you save money on your travel costs, so you have more to enjoy when you arrive in your chosen holiday resort, is always a priority and has never been more important than during the current 'credit crunch'.

And, I'll make you the following promises:
Aostaexpress offer the same low Internet fare of 48 Euros HT even if you are a single traveller
I don't think you should have to pay more just because you are travelling on your own!

With our scheduled departures, you know when you go.
Why should you have to wait for other peoples delayed flights? - up to an hour with some other operators! (read their small print).

I believe you should be warmly welcomed on arrival at Geneva.
Our uniformed, friendly, Airport Representatives are based at Geneva 14 hours a day, every day. You'll be greeted, and shown to our dedicated passenger area, where you can sit and relax, ready for your transfer departure.
If you need to, take an earlier transfer for free.
Arrived early at Geneva? You can take an earlier transfer for free - subject to available seats. Just ask our Airport Team.
We never change the pick-up time you choose.
Our online booking system enables you to check LIVE availability, book, pay, and receive Instant Tickets by email. Simply, efficient, professional. And the time you book is the time you will travel. We NEVER change the pick-up time you choose. No need to wait for text messages the night before, or reconfirm, as a transfer company slots you in to suit themselves. With Aostaexpress you know at the moment you book, what time you will travel. No other transfer company provides this guarantee.

We will never cancel your transfer for reasons of profitability once you have booked and have a ticket.
I want you to have an entirely stress-free start and finish to your holiday.
No credit card fees
I don't believe in this 'rip off' charged by some operators. You should never have to pay these hefty fees when you're only able to book by credit card. I guarantee you no added credit card fees!
No agency commissions
We do not work with any pseudo 'transfer agencies'. So to get the best availability and price make sure you always come to us direct!

We have recently invested in a fleet of modern, comfortable air-conditioned minibuses for you, meeting the latest Euro 4 low carbon emission standards.

I look forward to seeing you at Geneva, or in Courmayeur and La Thuile, this winter.

Happy Holidays!
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